Book Masterclass: The 10 Step Author's Journey

How To Write A Book That Actually Builds Your Business

Replay Available - With Karen Williams, The Book Mentor


You want to write a book. And that's great. The problem is everyone else wants to do it too!

So what do you need to do to create something that blows the socks off your readers (and your competitors!) and actually helps you to build your business at the same time?

This is what I'll be showing you on this free one-hour Book Masterclass:

  • Why it’s easier than ever for business owners to write and publish a book and why this is a HUGE problem.
  • The 10 most important steps on your author’s journey, where you might get stuck and how to overcome this stuck-ness!
  • What makes a book successful and how you can ensure that your book delivers this in spades.
  • 3 essential must-knows that will help you to go from having a mediocre book to having a brilliant book that sells.

If your goal in 2019 is to finally get your book written and published, AND you want it to get you speaking gigs, reach decision makers and attract more of the right clients, then please register for the replay of this book masterclass in the box on the right.

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About Karen Williams 

Karen Williams is one of the UK's leading Book Mentors. She's worked with hundreds of business authors who want to write a book that positions them as an expert and becomes a business building tool.

If you have a story to tell, wisdom to share or a legacy to leave behind, Karen and the Librotas team are here to help you to turn your dream into a successfully published book.

Karen is the author of five bestselling business books, so she knows what it takes to write and publish a book that builds your credibility, demonstrates your expertise and helps you to stand out.