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Book Marketing Made Simple: A Practical Guide to Selling, Launching and Promoting your Business Building Book


There has never been a better time for coaches, consultants and therapists to write and publish a business building book. With a great idea, a clear strategy, and a well-formed marketing plan, your book will help grow your business and attract more clients.

I'm Karen Williams and in my latest book I'll show you easy to follow strategies to promote your book at all stages of your journey - from the day you start to write it until after your book has been launched - so that you can use it as an effective and successful business building tool.

Broken down into three main sections (pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies), the book covers blogging, podcasts, videos, social media, webinars, networking, crowdfunding, book launch party, Amazon bestseller launch, PR and media coverage, speaking, creating income from your book, and much more - including little known strategies that work!

About Book Marketing Made Simple

Too many business owners decide to write a book, and then do nothing with it. 

They fail to promote it early enough and wait until their launch to start talking about it.

Some spend their time and energy writing it, see their shiny new book with their name on the cover, but fail to market it effectively. 

They may lose steam and run out of time and energy once it's published.

They may feel fearful about sticking their head about the parapet and worry about what their readers may have to say.

And others simply don't know what to do first. They get overwhelmed with all the things that they could do, so don't do anything.

That's why I've written Book Marketing Made Simple.

In this book, I'll show you how you can:

  • 1.

    Create compelling content to develop your online profile, build your credibility and become an expert in your field.

  • 2.

    Integrate your online marketing, blogs, newsletter, social media, podcasts, video and webinars to develop a community of people who love what you do.

  • 3.

    Connect with partners who will become your raving fans, and develop strategies to promote your wisdom through networking, connections and speaking.

  • 4.

    Make money from your book and promote your expertise before you've even published and launched it.

  • 5.

    Use your book as the framework to produce profitable products and programmes to build passive income streams from your book.

  • 6.

    Promote your book successfully, reach the Amazon bestseller lists, and create a buzz with your launch.

  • 7.

    Raise awareness of your book with many other little known ways to keep you visible way after you've finished it.

I was hooked from page one and you will be too!

I wish I knew all this before I started writing! 27 books later and barely any sales shows that I love writing but really don't know anything about being a best SELLING author. 

What's the point if no one knows my work exists? 

Karen is an absolute life saver and has given me hope that maybe there is a way that I can get my books out there to someone other than my immediate family.

Her new book has hit the nail on the head and Karen's wealth of experience will help so many authors or wannabe authors see their work flourish. 

She offers fantastic advice that makes perfect sense in a practical and easy to follow format. I was hooked from page one and you will be too.

Angela De Souza
Women's Business Club and author of I Did it in my Pyjamas and many other unknown books!

This is what leading business authors are saying about Book Marketing Made Simple

I loved this book!

I loved this book! From start to finish, it’s absolutely crammed full of useful and inspirational advice on how to get the most out of writing and publishing a book, written in an easy to follow, bite-size chunk approach. 

This is a step-by-step guide how to build a successful business with a book as a core marketing strategy. And having published 5 books herself, Karen Williams knows her stuff when it comes to book-aligned marketing.

With comprehensive information on everything from ‘Publicising with Podcasts to ‘Building your Blog’, ‘Crowdfunding’ to ‘Creating a Buzz around your Launch’, this book maps the whole author marketing journey and definitely over delivers, which is a nice change from a lot of other books out there on the same subject by authors who just use their book to lead you into their expensive programmes. By contrast, Karen’s book openly and generously shares detailed knowledge covering every aspect of creating a book that is alignment with your business and a business that is alignment with your book!

In addition to the tips and useful ‘things to think about’ summaries, Karen often uses her own and her client’s experiences to give useful real life examples of strategies that have worked or not worked and this is invaluable. She even offers some useful free resources via a special website link. 

Whether you are a new or experienced author, or maybe even just started out and haven’t yet written a word, this book will help you align and leverage your efforts to make more impact, sell more books, help more people and ultimately grow your business. And that’s something we all need. 

Having published my first book with little knowledge of the industry and no real plan for its marketing other than my own raw enthusiasm, I’m delighted to have this book by my side as I prepare to launch my second, and all those that will follow. A definitive guide that will pay for itself a thousand times over. Thank you Karen

Ellen Watts
Ellen Unlimited, and author of Cosmic Ordering Made Easier and Get it Sorted - for once, for all, for GOOD
An invaluable practical guide to marketing your masterpiece

Writing a book is only part of the challenge, selling it is another and each require very different skills and knowledge sets. 

In this book Karen clearly demonstrates the huge range of marketing opportunities that begin even before putting pen to paper. 

Your challenge after reading this book will no longer be how to market your book, but more, which of these great methods to choose. An invaluable practical guide to marketing your masterpiece.

Louise Wiles
Thriving Abroad, and author of Thriving Abroad: The Definitive Guide to International Relocation Success
I am already implementing the advice and reaping the rewards!

Some superb hints and tips contained within the book that I will use for marketing my own book. Helping to navigate the social media minefields was just what I needed, and information about Goodreads was new to me. 

I loved the detailed tips for the physical launch party, and the other options of a virtual launch, or an Amazon bestseller launch were intriguing options. I am already implementing the advice and reaping the rewards, thank you!

Jane Langston
The Amatsu Training School Ltd, and co-author of Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology
Everything you need to know about marketing your book AND more!

Book Marketing Made Simple is jam packed with great nuggets and key steps on everything any author would want to know about marketing their book and more! I like the fact that it is easy to dip in and out of, so that you can read areas that particularly interest you, and it also has some really useful timesaving strategies. 

The case studies and tips show that Karen knows what she's talking about and how she can help you. It is an all-round good read and excellent book on every aspect to help authors to maximise their marketing opportunities and sell more books!

Steve Preston
The Career Catalyst and author of Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit!, Winning Through Career Change and Winning Through Redundancy
Clever ways to market your book

Writing a book is challenging, marketing it, even more so. Putting yourself and your book out there can be a big step outside your comfort zone for many people, it was for me! And yet why go to the bother of writing a book to build your business in order to help more people, and then do nothing with it … Here you will gain Karen’s valuable insight (and those of other experts), gaining access to some very clever ways to market your book and your business. Furthermore, there is a choice of strategies to suit your personality and preferred communication methods. 

As a finance coach, I have seen many businesses spend enormous amounts of money on their marketing, all on fruitless strategies. Here you will get some great strategies whilst saving a fortune too. As an author who markets her books, and discusses with other authors on what they’ve done, I can testify that the strategies do work. Furthermore, as an accountant I can testify to the savings too. They are all great value for money! The only thing left for you to do is choose the ones you want to do and then go do them.

Helen Monaghan
HM Coaching and author of Successful Business Minds and 12 Steps to Improve Your Cashflow
This book is packed with valuable nuggets

I was fortunate enough to peer review the draft of this book. Having worked with Karen to get my first book published some of it was familiar. And obviously, no matter how time you spend with someone they cannot articulate all of their wisdom. 

This book is just packed with valuable nuggets. I found myself compelled to methodically go through step by step to ensure I had truly maximised my potential to market the book. Guess what? I hadn’t. 

There is so much knowledge and wisdom shared in this book not only from Karen but other marketing experts that I found myself able to not only learn new things but also improve current processes. This will definitely become one of those books with the pages written all over and completely bent backwards as it will be with me every step of the way with all my future marketing activity. Thank you Karen.

Sheryl Andrews
Step by Step Listening, and author of Manage your Critic
This book comes highly recommended.

Karen has written a book that works. It is a great read, with many case studies and stories, and at the same time is a supremely practical guide to the whole process of marketing a book. Starting with the very first glimmer of your idea - through writing, promoting, funding, and publishing – with detailed guidance all the way, this book comes highly recommended.

Mary Lunnen
Dare to Blossom Life Coaching, and author of Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity and The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards Companion Guide

About Karen Williams

Karen Williams is the Book Mentor from Librotas, and is known for working with business experts – coaches, therapists and consultants – who want to stand out from the crowd and write a non-fiction book that helps them to grow their business.

She helps her clients to create and market their best book, that increases their confidence, raises their credibility and attracts higher-paying clients. She helps them to overcome their fears, have the courage to share their wisdom, and ultimately enables them to change lives through writing and publishing their books.

Karen is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made SimpleThe Mouse That Roars, Your Book is the Hook, How to Stand Out in Your Business, and The Secrets of Successful Coaches.